VCR v NBR - 9 July

The Vice City Rollers stoush with the Northern Brisbane Brawl Stars last night was fast-paced, aggressive and exciting to the last whistle. Both teams rolled onto the track ready to tangle, hitting hard in the first few jams. This is the first time the two teams have faced each other and it was clear in the early jams they were sizing up the skill and tactics of their opponents. Early on, the teams were running quick jams and scores were neck and neck. The VCRs appeared to be pulling a few major penalties with Aunty Aggro and Amykazeee going to the sin bin within the first five jams.

Jammers on both teams proved agile and flexible with NBR Captain Annabelle Lecter grabbing lead in the first jam while VCR Captain Bambi von Smash’er was held up in the pack. This dynamic quickly shifted when NBR jammer Demonic was sent to the bin at the end of jam 5, giving the VCRs the first power jam of the night. This scenario was played out several times during the game with both teams gaining advantage from power jams when the other team’s jammer was in the sin bin. The VCRs did a particularly good job of taking advantage of this situation later in the game, running a slow pack and really racking up the points.

Game highlights included watching VCR rookie Freudian Slit jamming in her first interstate bout, Shortstop jumping the apex of the track straight to the front of the pack and Bambi von Smash’er racking up the points while the VCRs trapped the opposing jammer behind an unbreakable wall. With ten minutes left in the first half the scores were even, but the VCRs, having found their feet, began to pull away. By the half time whistle the scores were VCRs 77 to NBR 41.

Both NBR and the VCRs had quick agile skaters, and strong blockers, so the game turned on tactics, communication and timing. The VCRs defensive play was consistent and it was clear from the sidelines they were working effectively as a team, no matter what combination of skaters were on the track. In a few jams the VCRs employed a strategy of blocking the NBR players to the inside while assisting their jammer around the outside. This worked beautifully as Roulette Rouge racked up points in the middle of the second half while her team kept NBR trapped on the inside line.

As I was taking photos of the bout, my notes are brief and limited mostly to focussing on the play of the VCRs. That said, the NBR jammers were tenacious when faced with the VCRs walls and their teammates worked hard to get them through the packs. Tiger Tantrum, Annabelle Lecter and Shanksalot took lead jammer status repeatedly through the game and used their leads strategically.

While the VCRs dominated the second half of the game, it never ceased to be exciting with plenty great tactical moves, jammers engaging off the start line and dynamic pack work from both teams. The VCR blockers proved formidable, with Belle E Up owning the front of the pack, Amykazeee and Ova Bearing proving a force to be reckoned with and King Cam seemingly everywhere at once. A special mention should go to Rainbow Spite for some nice agile skating at the back of the pack when jamming late in the game, to Aunty Aggro for taking Annabelle Lecter out of play with a series of solid hits and Amykazeee for a truly spectacular last jam. The final scores were VCRs 176 to NBR 75.


Written and Photos by Bullseye Bettie