Vice City Rollers



AnneThrax • Aunty Aggro • A.M. Chaos
Bambi von Smash'er • Berry Bad • Bohemeth Rhapsody
Boudica • Bubble O'Kill • Canuckles
DrakeculaEleStomp • Fanta C. Lane
FaunaCat • Freudian Slit • Harlot O'Scara
Isabelligerent • Jam Pants • Katomic
Lady von Whack 'n' Smack • LegoLass • Louiville Slugga
Madamage • Mushy • Ova Bearing • Phar Slap • Pink Mist
Prairie Scorn • Rainbow Spite • Roxie die Hart
Rubi Doom • Stone Jett • Sugar Plum Crazy 


The Vice City Rollers is the representative team of CRDL, made up of skaters from across all of our four home teams. In order to participate in a greater variety of games, in 2012 the Vice City B team VCBETAMAX, or VCBs, was born.

The Rollers have become a force to be reckoned with, dominating the Eastern Region Roller Derby Tournament as champions in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Notably, in 2014 the Rollers played the Rat City Roller Girls' Grave Danger team, and placed third nationally at The Great Southern Slam.

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