ShortStop says goodbye, for now

We wish you well!

It’s a sad and exciting day as Canberra Roller Derby League bids farewell to one of our most dedicated and beloved skaters, ShortStop #6, as she makes a move to the United States to embark on the next phase of her derby career.

ShortStop first hit the track in 2010 as a Surly Griffin, wowing the crowd (and her opponents!) with her tiny size and massive skills. As the league grew and split to form additional teams, Shorty became a force on the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles and was invaluable in their championship wins of the Derby Darby Cup in 2012 and 2013.

Photo by D-Eye Photography

It’s not just on the local track that Shorty shines, however. Over the past few years, CRDL’s representative team, the Vice City Rollers, has utilised Shorty as one of their top-tier double-threats: a potent blocker and jammer. Particularly in the past year, the Rollers (and Shorty!) have showcased their increasing strengths.

Highlights of Shorty’s Rollers career include contributing to the rosters that gave Rat City Roller Girls’ Grave Danger a challenge; coming third in Division One of the national competition The Great Southern Slam; won the Eastern Region Roller Derby Smackdown for the fourth consecutive year; and most recently, took to the international stage in the Rollers’ first games as a full WFTDA team at The Bont Invitational.


Photo by D-Eye Photography

International derby fans may also recognise Shorty from her time as a Team Australia member--alongside leaguemate Bambi von Smash’er, Shorty has been a powerful presence on the Australian representative team at both the 2011 and 2014 Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cups.

Shorts and Bam.jpg
Photo taken by Team Aus teammate Ka-raa Kaos at the World Cup

So what’s so special about Shorty? A lot, according to her teammates! Says Rainbow Spite: “Shorty isn’t just a great skater; it’s her commitment to being the best she can be, and the endless drive to achieve that, that has pushed all of us along with her. She’s inspired everyone to bring out the best in themselves.”

Bambi says “2014 had Shorty and I living out of each others pockets - two trips to America, the National tournament in Adelaide, training sessions all over the country, SO SO many gym visits - it’s been intense...but that’s life in proximity to Shorts! I’ll miss her...but I’m looking forward to slacking off a bit...KIDDING. I can’t wait to hear about all she learns and does, it’s an amazing and exciting opportunity for her to skate with Gotham and I know she will do us all proud!”
See Bambi and Shorty pictured above in a rare voluntary hug at the 2014 World Cup.

And finally, some parting words from the athlete herself...“CRDL is pretty amazing and it’s been a pleasure to skate with these talented ladies. I’m excited to spend the year in America and return with some amazing skills. Don’t worry--I’ll be back”

Shorty, thank you so much for all the hard work you put in. You don’t just push yourself on the track and in the gym, you have contributed endlessly to the league as well.  You have been and will remain a special part of CRDL. We will miss you!

America--look after her and treat her well…then GIVE HER BACK or we will come and get her!