Bout Season 2010

CRDL Vice City Rollers V SRDL Assassins - 11 December

VCRs V SRDL Assassins 2010This bout was the VCR’s first home game ever and they defeated the SRDL Assassins 153 to 95 at the AIS arena in front of a crowd of over 3000 people.

Photos from the bout can be found here and here


Season final double header - 13 November



Surly Griffins V Red Bellied Black Hearts - 16 October



Roller Wars - 9 October

Sydney Roller Derby League hosted Roller Wars – an epic battle on the flat track between Sydney’s all-star team, The Assassins and Canberra’s all-star team, the Vice City Rollers. In their first major battle on the flat track since the East Coast Smackdown! Both teams did great Star Wars inspired roll outs, with Sydney drumming red glow sticks and our Vice City Rollers showing off their sword skills with light sabers at the ready. 

Both teams came out fighting, and Sydney managed to grab and hold an early lead for the first half. At the start of the second half Sydney led by 12 points, and Canberra committed to working together to get points on the board. Two jams into the second half Canberra evened the score, and in the third Vice City took the lead for the first time. The second half was amazing to watch. The lead swapped several times, with both teams pushing themselves and hungry for the win. 

With less than two minutes to go, both teams were locked at 105 points each.  In the last jam, Sydney delivered a lightning fast 4 points and with it victory. 


East Coast Smack Down tournament - 18-19 September

East Coast Smack Down 2010On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September the Vice City Rollers competed in the first ever East Coast Smack Down, a regional competition hosted by Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby (WIRD). As well as our all-star Vice City Rollers, Sydney Roller Derby League (SRDL) Assassins, WIRD, Newcastle Roller Derby League (NRDL), and the Western Sydney Rollers (WSR) turned up to set the flat track on fire in a quest to win the title of the number one team in the Eastern Region.

Day one of the tournament saw our VCRs win most of their bouts, only going down against Sydney. Thanks to these results, the VCRs went into the final on day two up against the Assassins, both teams jostling for that coveted number one spot. Alas, the Assassins strong team work won out with the final score 109 to the Assassins and 82 to the VCRs. 


Black 'n' Blue Belles V Brindabelters - 11 September

2010 end of season bout posterThe second half of the season introduced two new teams to CRDL, the Red Bellied Black Hearts and the Brindabelters. This bout brought the Brindabelters and the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles up against each other for the first time, hitting the track with energy and enthusiasm, delivering a nail-biter of a game for the sports-fans at the Southern Cross Club Sports Stadium.

This was a close, fast game with both teams using strategic play to gain advantages throughout. The Belters got the lead initially and managed to hold it for the first half. They went into the second half ten points ahead and increased their margin steadily. The Belles responded by pulling out all the stops and charging home in the last quarter, winning 112 to 105 points.


Carnival of Carnage - August

On Saturday 21 August we held our third Carnival of Carnage demo bout to present the latest crop of CRDL bout ready skaters.  Closed to the public, the Carnival is an opportunity for friends and family to cheer on CRDLs newest roller girls before they join the ranks of the home teams. Great team work meant that at half time the Donuts had the most points on the board. Eight minutes into the second half the scores were even, three minutes later the Caners were ahead. On the final whistle it was Candy Caners 101 to Hot Jammer Donuts 75.


Mad Stax: beyond the Hyperdome - 29 May

This final game of the first half of the season lived up to its title. Both teams got off to a smashing start and continued in this vein. The new team members introduced in the last game shifted the dynamics of both teams in the blocking and jamming line-ups. The game had a fast loose pace where big hits destroyed the pack and gave spectators plenty of thrills. Both teams were super keen to take out the game and win the season, but it was  the Surly Griffins who steadily gained points throughout the game.


Point Skate: Presidents of the United Skates - 1 May

Point SkateThis second game of the season was significant for CRDL as both teams were fielding new skaters. This was the first league game for the newly minted ‘orange star’ members of the league who had been in training since July 2009 and had made their debut in the Carnival of Carnage. Both teams played a defensive first half with the Belles taking an early lead. The Griffs came out hard in the second half but were unable to catch the Belles who played a strategic game to hold onto their points and stop the Griffs scoring.


Carnival of Carnage - April

The Carnival of Carnage is an exhibition bout for friends and family between the Candy Caners and the Hot Jammer Donuts. The first Carnival of Carnage held on the 20 June 2009, marked CRDL’s debut into public skating.  This debut bout has become a rite of passage for new skaters joining the league. A Carnival of Carnage is held for each group of skaters graduating to bout-ready status before they commence skating in the league competition. The April 2010 bout was taken out by the Candy Caners.


2010: a skate odyssey - 27 March

2010: a skate odysseyAfter a Christmas break and some focussed training time the Surly Griffins and the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles smashed their way into their second season of bouts with the space-themed 2010 a Skate Odyssey.

Both teams came out sporting new uniforms and a new confidence – they were skating faster, hitting harder and using strategic plays to control the game direction, keeping sports fans on the edge of their seats right the way through the bout. The Belles came out strong early and were leading at half time, but the Surlys fought their way back in the second half taking out the game by a nail-biting 4 points in the final jam.