Black 'N' Blue Belles V Red Bellied Black Hearts - 11 August

A bout between the Black Hearts and Blue Belles was always going to be intense and this one proved no different. While it was a rematch of the 2011 grand final both teams were missing some powerful players from the track - Roulette Rouge and Terror Bonesaparte for the RBBH and King Cam, Cherry Axe-wound, The Cleaver and Kitten Kaboodle for the Belles. However, this made room for the teams' newly drafted skaters to shine with Jaxhammer, Nigella Clawsome and Punky BrewSka (Black Hearts) and Emmazon, Mae Q Sqwheel, Stace of Emergency and The Bible Basher (Blue Belles) making their debut for the season.

For the first 15 minutes of the game the scores were very close with both teams keeping tight packs and jammers fighting hard for every point. The Black Hearts drew an early lead in the 9th jam as captain FaunaCat scored 20 points in 2 minutes. The Blue Belles tried very hard to close the gap and get points on the board but by half time the Black Hearts still held a convincing lead. The halftime score was 95 to the Black Hearts and 74 to the Blue Belles. A highlight in the first half was an awesome apex jump by Fanta C. Lane in the final jam giving the Blue Belles an easy 4 points.

With the Belles behind at halftime, they needed to work very hard to close the gap. A few power jams landing both teams' jammers in the bin saw the advantage swing both ways. The turning point and lead change came in the 14th jam with both captains jamming for their teams. The Black Hearts were at a pack disadvantage with 2 of their blockers in the bin while the Blue Belles still had 4 blockers on the track. The last 10 minutes was a fight to the finish with the scores remaining very close, however the Blue Belles were able to remain in control which was helped by them gaining lead jammer for 7 of the last 8 jams. Both teams had great defence and smart strategies and in the end, it was six points the difference with the Blue Belles taking the win at 180 to 174.