Become a referee

Have you been to our bouts and seen the ladies and gents in the black and white stripes who have  eyes like a hawk, nerves of steel and enforce the law on misbehaving skaters? They are part of the Canberra Roller Derby League’s Team Zebra and no bout could run without them.

If you think you have what it takes, then here are the steps to becoming a CRDL referee:

  1. 1. Learn to skate. Buy some skates and start practicing. CRDL hold social skates throughout the year so sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when these happen.
  3. 2.  Volunteer and register your interest as a Non-Skating Official (NSO) by signing-up.  NSOs are bout volunteers who help track the penalties and scores of each game. 
  5. 3. Keep your eyes open for a callout to apply for Fresh Refs training, normally held annually around June/July.
  7. 4. If you are successful in your application to train as a Fresh Ref and pass the 10 induction (training) sessions, which include passing a basic rules and skate test, you'll become a league member and an official member of CRDL’s Team Zebra. 
  9. 5. Once you become a member of Team Zebra, you'll be ready to ref at scrimmage.  This is the next step in Fresh Ref training as you’ll be learning to referee on skates at weekly league practice bouts. 
  11. 6. After approximately 9-12 months most members of Team Zebra are ready to referee their first public CRDL bout.  Some achieve this earlier while some take longer.  We support each and every member of our Team to always improve at the pace that’s right for them.  

If you're keen, start looking at the rules now, they can be downloaded from The WFTDA website.  If you are after more information you can also email the CRDL Referee Committee.