2014 season

2014 Season

June 28

Brindabelters 91 V Surly Griffins 140

Second game: Black 'n' Blue Belles 132 V Red Bellied Black Hearts 190

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August 16 
First game: Red Bellied Black Hearts 133 V Surly Griffins 152 
Second game: Black 'n' Blue Belles 79 V Brindabelters 179

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September 20

First game: Black 'n' Blue Belles 104 V Surly Griffins 189
Second game: Red Bellied Black Hearts 190 V Brindabelters 98

October 25 - Grand Final double header Blockingjay

Semi-final: Black 'n' Blue Belles 140 V Brindabelters 144

Grand final: Red Bellied Black Hearts 114 V Surly Griffins 137

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2014 ladder

2014 ladder

Vice City Rollers V Grave Danger

In March the VCRs took on Rat City Rollergirls' home team Grave Danger. This was the first time the VCRs have played an international team before and it was a fantastic game to watch. Ultimately Grave Danger won 175-142. Read the bout write up!


Vice City Rollers at The Great Southern Slam


Australasia's largest roller derby tournament, The Great Soputhern Slam kicked off again in June for the third time. The Rollers played the South Sea Roller Derby's Sirens (CRDL 226, SSRD 131) and Brisbane City Rollers' Punk Blockers (CRDL 330, BCR 26), qualifying them to compete in the bracket's deciding game against Paradise City Roller Derby's All-Stars.

A hard-fought win against PCRD (CRDL 178, PCRD 121) ensured the Rollers progressed to the quarter-finals. On the second day of competition, the Rollers suffered their first loss at the hands of the formidable Sun State Roller Girls' Swarm (CRDL 100, SSRG 178), placing them in the semi-final against Sydney Roller Derby League's Assassins. 

This last game was the narrowest victory for CRDL in the tournament, with the ladies in green and purple ultimately taking it away 175-137 to place third nationally. What an amazing accomplishment for CRDL! Since our participation in the first Slam in 2010, we have come so far.


Vice City Rollers at Eastern Region Roller Derby

The Eastern Region Roller Derby Championship is a tournament of ACT/NSW roller derby which is expanding every year. Over the years CRDL has been lucky enough to field several teams, with the Vice City Rollers, VCBs, and Capital Brawlers representing CRDL at different tiers of competition.
Although in 2014 the Brawlers were unable to participate in ERRD, the VCBs qualified to compete in Division 1 alongside the VCRs, making for an amazing developmental opportunity.
The Rollers emerged victorious for the fourth consecutive year. We can't wait to see what the VCBs bring to the table next ERRD!
CRDL-A: Vice City Rollers
Vice City Rollers
299 Newcastle Roller Derby League Dock Yard Dames 53
161 Sydney Roller Derby League Assassins 148
318 Canberra Roller Derby League VCBs 44


86 Newcastle Roller Derby League Dock Yard Dames 203
29 Sydney Roller Derby League Assassins 497
44 Canberra Roller Derby League Vice City Rollers 318