2012 Season


The Silence of the Jams: Vice City Rollers V Northern Brisbane Rollers, AIS - 15 December

Canberra Roller Derby League's final bout for 2012 saw their representative team the Vice City Rollers bout against the Northern Brisbane Brawl Stars at the Australian Institute of Sport. The last time these two teams met was mid 2011, where the VCRs took a 101 point win.  However much has happened in Australian derby since and NBR placed third in July’s Great Southern Slam in Adelaide. Therefore it was a highly anticipated bout, as the VCRs ranked in the top six in the Slam and recently took out first place in the Eastern Region Roller Derby Tournament for the second year running.

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Attack of the Flat Track Women, double header grand final, AIS - 17 November

The tensions and anxieties present before a game—let alone a semi- and grand final—were all present on the night of Canberra Roller Derby League’s Attack of the Flat Track Women.  But none of the league’s ladies let that  stop them from putting on a great show, both on the track during each game and beforehand, when all skaters participated in a league-wide rollout.  This year’s double-header event pitted the same two teams against each other as the 2011 season finale: in the quest for third were the Brindabelters and the Surly Griffins, and competing for first, the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles against the previous season’s champions, the Red Bellied Black Hearts.

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2012 CRDL Premiership Ladder 

Game 1: Saturday March 31st – Red Bellied Black Hearts (160) v Brindabelters (80)
Game 2: Saturday May 12th – Surly Griffins (128) v Black ‘n’ Blue Belles (219)
Game 3: Saturday August 11th – Red Bellied Black Hearts (174) v Black ‘n’ Blue Belles (180)
Game 4:
Saturday September 8th – Red Bellied Black Hearts (124) v Surly Griffins (151)
Game 5:
Saturday September 22nd – Brindabelters (162) v Black ‘n’ Blue Belles (178)
Game 6: Saturday October 20th – Brindabelters (149) v Surly Griffins (123)


Brindabelters V Surly Griffins - 20 October

On Saturday 20 October over a thousand Canberrans donned green or purple and emerged in force to watch the Surly Griffins and Brindabelters battle it out in what would prove to be an exciting last home team bout before the grand finals. The 2012 home season had it all, nail biters and blowouts and this bout would decide who would be challenging table leaders, the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles, for first place and take home this years Darby Derby Cup.

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The final score: 149-123, a Brindabelters win!!!


Vice City Rollers B Team V Brisbane City Rollers, Coffs Harbour - 13 October

A mere two weeks after our success at the Easter Region Roller Derby Tournament, Canberra Roller Derby League will be sending up the Vice City Rollers to compete anew against Brisbane City Rollers’ representative team, the Punk Blockers.
Our game against BCR at July’s Great Southern Slam (have a click through our archives if you want a reminder of our adventures!) saw us come away with a victory of 286-71. We placed sixth in the tournament, and BCR placed seventh.
This time we’ll be fielding a fresh lineup from our B-team (the VCBs), giving some of our newest players track time and a chance to strut their stuff!
If you’re in the area be sure to check out this great double header event.  In addition to our game, the BCR’s B-team, the Nasty Nancies, will go up against the Coffs Coast Derby Dolls’ Daughters of Mayhem in the first bout of the evening.  Doors open at 4:30pm, tickets are $10, and kids under 7 are free!
Bout write ups and photos can be found here at the Vice City Rollers very own Tumblr page.


Eastern Region Roller Derby Tournament, Penrith - 29-30 September


Black 'N' Blue Belles V Brindabelters - 22 September    

From the first whistle it looked like both teams were favouring slow starts, with the Belters pushing the Belles over the pivot line to get the jam started. As the clock ticked on the bout picked up speed and intensity as the packs were tight and primarily focused on defence with the jammers often left to fight their own way through. Every point was hard won. The first half saw multiple lead changes with power jams helping both teams increase their score with the Belles inching away and leading at half time 94-60.

The second half was just as hard fought as the first, and the Belles looked to extend their lead early on. However, the Belters maintained their tight defence and with consistent jamming from Freudian Slit, Miss D Meaner and Shaggle Frock, they were able to close the gap to within two points. The last five minutes was action packed as both teams were wanting to come out on top, but it was Belles Jammer Fanta C. Lane who got lead and was able to control the final jam. With only a few seconds left on the period clock, Fanta was knocked off her feet from the strong Belters defence and ended up calling the jam off from the floor. The final score was 178-162 to the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles.


Red Bellied Black Hearts V Surly Griffins - 8 September

Stake were high for both teams in the season's fourth game, as securing a spot in the 1st place Grand Final playoff was still up for grabs. Both the Surly Griffins and the Red Bellied Black Hearts had last played, and lost to, the Black n Blue Belles, meaning each aspired to victory.  The Black Hearts relied upon the powerful blocking efforts of Bohemeth Rhapsody, Muthar Furquar, Bambi von Smash’er, Jaxhammer and Mimi Metalstorm, relying primarily upon Bebe Aggressive, Fauna Cat, and impressive newcomer LegoLass to jam. The Surly Griffins’ determined play, with Amykazeee, Aunty Aggro, AnneThrax, and Louiville Slugga doing ruthless work blocking and Dread Herring, Ginger Nutcase, and Rainbow Spite giving some memorable jams, ultimately saw the Red Bellied Black Hearts lose with a score line of 151-124.

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Black 'N' Blue Belles V Red Bellied Black Hearts - 11 August

A bout between the Black Hearts and Blue Belles was always going to be intense and this one proved no different. While it was a rematch of the 2011 grand final both teams were missing some powerful players from the track - Roulette Rouge and Terror Bonesaparte for the RBBH and King Cam, Cherry Axe-wound, The Cleaver and Kitten Kaboodle for the Belles. However, this made room for the teams' newly drafted skaters to shine with Jaxhammer, Nigella Clawsome and Punky BrewSka (Black Hearts) and Emmazon, Mae Q Sqwheel, Stace of Emergency and The Bible Basher (Blue Belles) making their debut for the season.

Final score 180 to 174 to the Belles.

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Million Dollar Derby - 22 July

The Capital Brawlers faced off against Wollongong's Steel City Derby Dolls and while they played well, the more experienced team took home the win with the final score at 237 to 78 to Wollongong.


The Great Southern Slam - 9-11 June

The CRDL Vice City Rollers placed sixth nationally at this tournament. 

Day one
Game 1: Canberra Roller Derby League 124 V Perth Roller Derby 98
Game 2: Canberra Roller Derby League 199 V Gold Coast Roller Derby 75
Day two
Game 3: Canberra Roller Derby League 53 V Victoria Roller Derby League 310
Game 4: Canberra Roller Derby League 286 V Brisbane City Rollers 71
Day three
Game 5: Canberra Roller Derby League 203 V Sydney Roller Derby League 206
Bout write ups and photos can be found here at the Vice City Rollers very own Tumblr page.


WinterSun - 9 June

This would be the first time a pot luck group of talented skaters from the who are not the CRDL travel team get to skate outside the ACT borders. Named the CRDL Capital Brawlers this team took on the Northern Rivers Roller Derby in Coffs Harbour. Final score was 135 - 87 to the Northern Rivers.

Bout write ups and photos can be found here at the Capital Brawlers very own Tumblr page.


Surly Griffins V Black 'N' Blue Belles - 12 May

Black 'n' Blue Belles 219 to Surly Griffins 128.


Dirty Jamming: Vice City Rollers V Dockyard Dames - 5 May

This was the first home game for the VCRs in 2012. The score at full time was 269 to VCRs and 150 to Newcastle's Dockyard Dames.


Red Bellied Black Hearts V Brindabelters - 31 March 

The first game of the season saw the Red Bellied Black Hearts take on the winners of the 2011 wooden spoon, the Brindabelters. The final score was 160 to Black Hearts and 80 to the Brindabelters.